Women Empowerment

The weavers and other families that participate in the piña production project are proud of the value and beauty of the products they create. They express a heart-warming sense of belonging to a project that they see is growing and progressing. The benefits they derive from the Foundation go beyond the relief they have at sustaining a source of income to fund their families everyday needs.

The Alternative Livelihood Program

  • Recognizes women as agents of change, not as passive recipients of handouts
  • Has goals beyond mere economic gains
  • Uses local resources in a sustainable manner
  • Builds on rather than disrupts existing forms of livelihood
  • Promotes the transfer and proliferation of indigenous skills and knowledge
  • Builds self respect and self-reliance
  • Respects and encourages local forms of organization
  • Reinforces the strong sense of mutual interdependence that is present in native communities
  • Helps in shaping the island’s future.

A Community Within a Community

The weavers are not required to report to the center, because their priority is always their family. As in other areas, their weaving center also acts as a day-care center for their younger children and have become a support system for the women partners.