The Rurungan Sa Tubod Foundation’s investment in product development for the first three years has been fruitful. The variety of weaves makes the piña fiber extremely versatile and there is an emerging demand for the versatility and the aesthetic value of these piña weaves. In fact, current demand is far greater than actual production. Hence, to meet this demand, the Foundation must train more weavers and create more training centers.

There is a need for the assistance as the set-up and initial costs of each weaving center are beyond the current resources of the Foundation. The Foundation is open to partners that appreciate the foundation’s development and objectives, and we are looking forward to future collaborative projects with future designers and creative communities.


The Tepiña fabric is woven on traditional handlooms using silk and hand-extracted piña fiber for the weft and Philippine silk for the warp by the women weavers of Rurungan sa Tubod Foundation in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

Tepiña is a lightweight, all natural, and fine fiber yet it is also noted for its tensile strength. It may be customized to suite your needs; create unique combination weaves, have it hand painted, embroidered, or dyed.



Paris-based textile designer, Sli-on has collaborated with the foundation for a number of years, designing piña textiles used for high-end home-wear and interior design applications.


Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Canadian-based Emily Carr University of Art + Design is a learning community devoted to excellence and innovation in Visual Arts, Media Arts and Design. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Emily Carr Institute, as a member of the Talloire Declaration, seeks to promotes sustainable development and global initiatives as integral to the foundation of student learning. By sponsoring one faculty and two Industrial Design students, Emily Carr Institute assisted in the production of a previous version of this website as a contribution to the Rurungan sa Tubod Foundation. The continuation of the Rurungan sa Tubod work is an important global initiative in terms of innovation in the applied arts.


HABI the Philippine Textile Council

HABI the Philippine Textile Council, was created to preserve, promote and enhance Philippine Textiles through Education, Communication and Research using public and private resources.