The Rurungan sa Tubod Foundation has rejuvenated a traditional textile providing new possibilities and innovative applications. The foundation seeks to address both the green application of the sustainable fibers and the piña fiber’s earlier notions of romance and elegance.

Facts About Tepiña

  • Tepiña fiber is a homespun fabric with transparent finesse.
  • It has a gossamer-like as it uses silk as the warp and pineapple fibers as the weft. This combination gives Tepiña the brilliancy and strength of silk, while maintaining the translucency, rigidity, and value of piña.
  • When dyed, this lustrous fabric brilliantly shines with color.
  • Without dye, Tepiña maintains an off-white hue.
  • The fabric may also be embroidered with unique designs.
  • The piña fiber is considered to be more delicate in texture than any other fiber known in the vegetable kingdom and it is noted for its strength.

Quality Guaranteed

All the properties of Tepiña are hand processed, from the piña fibers to the weave. The piña fibers are selected individually then knotted making sure that each filament is to size and shade of color.